Physiotherapists and Their Main Responsibilities

You can treat your back pains including lumbar and spinal ones by paying a visit to a physiotherapist who has been trained to use various methods in order to cure such medical conditions. Physiotherapists are trained to treat back pains that are triggered by a wide range of medical conditions and infections. But first, the back pain must be assessed by the physiotherapists in order to make sure that it’s not caused by a more serious and life-threatening condition.   

The assessment of the back pain will include questions regarding the patient’s medical history including questions about epilepsy and persistent pains during the night. The patient’s current posture and gait are taken into account when assessing the back pain in order to determine the nature of the cause triggering strains and stress onto his/her joints.  

Lumbar pains can easily cause spinal ones as the patient becomes more and more limited to only several patterns of movement due to the existing stiff spine. The patient’s lumbar segments are pressure pinched and palpated and his/her pain proximity is measured in order to determine the exact cause of the back pain - the assessment will also include the patient’s muscle strength and reflexes and skin sensitivity.      

Once the back pain is assessed, the treatment will be formulated by taking into consideration the gravity of the patient’s problem - this means that a very painful joint is likely to need the utmost care and also pacing and the patient will have to utilize just some gentle exercises without overusing pain killers. Stretching out the back issues can also be involved once the stiffness of the back is assessed and this means that the patient will have to use more demanding exercises in order to restore the health of his/her back area. Learn more on medical acupuncture here.  

But the patient’s stability is necessary in any treatment prescribed by physiotherapists who will strongly recommend the patient to undergo a special rehabilitation program that will restore the healthy condition that allows him/her to perform harder activities and gain full control over his/her back. However, the patient will have to work on his/her newly gained posture as soon as he/she leaves the rehabilitation program because this program is not enough when it comes to preventing the reoccurrence of the back condition. Click here to learn more.

The patient must exercise until he/she reaches the point where the joints can fully perform without any debilitating back pains and future episodes of spinal pain are likely to be avoided. Reacting in a different way to the same back pain treatment is very common among patients suffering from back pains and physiotherapists are fully aware of this aspect when assessing each individual’s back condition and prescribing the necessary therapy and back exercises.